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What to Wear for the shoot 

When having a head-shot taken you need to feel comfortable in the shoot, so below is a small recommendation of what to bring.

I guess first thing I think of when I shoot is smart casual. We can review your choices once you arrive. Please make sure your items are crease free

Clothes – You will need at least two tops to change, one lighter one darker, but it’s advised to bring more just in case you are not sure.

For guys this can be a t-shirt or shirt, for girls a blouse or t-shirt.

Solid colours without a pattern and in a simple design are best.  The main rule is that you feel good wearing your choices for your photoshoot.

Jewellery is ok to wear but do not go overboard, if you are not sure then don’t wear any.

Hair – If you are planning on having a cut you need time for it to settle down before your session.

Make-up  – If you are doing your own keep it light and simple, a little foundation works best for the lights this will keep any shine off.

Make -up artist – If you wish to book one with us we will need to arrange and book the artist prior to the shoot, a weeks notice is advised.

Guys – Depending on your look come clean shaven or groomed if you have a beard.

My style is very relaxed, and I want to show you at your best in the photos, we will start by building up different facial expressions from serious to laughter within the shoot as this enables you to get relaxed in front of the camera and bring out your best.

I shoot mainly in horizontal format and depending on how the shoot is going I might change the background depending on what you are wearing at the time. I shoot tethered so you get a chance to see the shots on the laptop screen, this gives you an idea of the look, and if at any point you are not happy with any of the shots you must let me know so we can change whatever it is at the time.

You will be expected to sign a model release form prior to the shoot which will be done via email and is an electronic form. After the shoot your files will be delivered via a dropbox link that will be sent to you.

All files have a light edit and any further editing will be discussed and negotiated between you (the client) and me (the photographer).

Don’t forget to have fun with the shoot, it’s meant to be light and fun and not serious in any way, this allows the best style and portrait for your head-shot.

Microsoft Word - headshot prices.docx