Blanche & Michael


Blanche and her mum Ros came to my studio and she had the biggest warm smile and I just knew i wanted to be be part of her and Michael’s day.

It was on her aunty and uncle’s property in Far Meadow between Berry and Seven Mile beach, a marquee was set up up and beautifully decorated, flowers started to arrive and then Blanche whips out a cake and starts to decorate it with flowers. Ros her mum says “Blanche made that” I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, it was amazing.

During the reception the power went out and Blanche and her uni friends sang Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen, the whole song. I just had to join in.

The day just continues very calmly and the pair of them took the day and the wind which was starting to build a bit more in their stride. They are the happiest couple I think I have photographed.

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Dress – Grace Loves Lace

Hair – Pure Hair and Beauty

Make-Up – Claudia Molinaro

Flowers – Shique floral design

Rings – Samantha Wills

Marque and Styling – South Coast Party Hire

Food – Rabbit & Co

Photography – Paul Pennell