Your Album

Your Album

An album is so important to keep your memories of the day in, sure it sits on the shelf over time but imagine in a year or two you can quickly look back on your day or even in 20 years time when you have the chance to share this with your own children. Don’t just keep the USB in the draw.

These albums are hand designed by you and, there is a process that you go through to hand select the photos that you want in the album, you select the cover material and colour and you also select or design the font and emboss on the front cover. They are also hand made and the matt paper is archival so it will last for many years to come.

The album size is a 10 inch square and sits in your lap for viewing, the cover options are Asahi cloth, Cafe leather or Premium leather and various number of colours.

These beautifully designed albums start at $895 for a 20 page 10×10 cloth cover and embossed. Additional costs apply for more pages and covers.


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