Every wedding day is different and every couple is different, the location and what is captured.

I try not to pose couples as such but use the landscape around them, and plonk them somewhere within it. Which is perfect for those couples who don’t feel too comfortable in front of the camera, which I find a lot of the time to be the case.

And yes i’m going to get you to cuddle and kiss, I mean who wouldn’t want to be pashing someone on their wedding day, or any other day.

So why me ?

Well, I love to make bread and I love to takes photos and i love to have a lot of fun with you both on your day.

“let me dance with your family and friends and your photos will be filled with love and laughter”


Here are a few kind words people have said:

“Who doesn’t need a welsh photographer in their lives??  Paul photographed our wedding with such fun, joy, skill & understanding he could easily have been one of our family or friends who happened to have a camera. In fact… I think he did tell my mum he was related to me”.

“Paul your an amazing person and a bloody awesome photographer!! You make the whole process effortless and fun!! Thank you so much :)”

“Great guy and a great photographer. Always able to keep the day fun and full of laughs”.

“Oh my god! AMAZING, will look at them better tonight with Brent, thank you so much though and thank you for being the best photographer ever! And the best guest, it was awesome having you at our wedding, your such a cool guy. The photos were the most important thing for me and I couldn’t be happier, you are just the freaking best. Can’t wait to see more. Thank you, thank you, thank you”.

So if you would like a little info about prices then just fill in a few details below and a page will open to show you the different collections