“Let me dance with your family and friends and your photos will be filled with love and laughter”


What makes me happy as a wedding photographer is taking photographs that represent you both,

no tricks, not posed or rigid set up shots but natural and candid to show your best personalities.

Each couple are different and I want you both to feel relaxed and real on your special day.

So if you want to have a lot of fun which is a speciality of mine, relaxed yet witty all round funny short Welsh guy.

Let me help you create a beautiful day with a lot of fun, laughs and dancing.

What do you expect from the day, what do you have in your mind about the type of photographs you wish to walk away with.

I can help you with this and how to get a lot more from the day, free album design, help decide if you like beach or bush for your more important shots, the ones that will be in your album.

The best way to get in touch which is free and easy is via Skype, phone or in person at my home studio space or a location that suits you by filling in a few details on the form below.